Here We Go!


Spiritualism can mean different things to different people. I like to think of spiritualism as your own personal relationship with a higher source. Some claim this source to be God, others refer to it is Allah, and some call it “all that is”. Truly spiritual people realize no matter what name you put on it, there is one higher source. They also believe that the physical body we possess on this earth is just a vessel for our soul.


The word spirituality comes from the word spirit, which some people can communicate with spirits from the other side. There are different forms in which people can communicated with the deceased. These gifts use the 6 senses

  • Clairvoyance – means clear vision. People with this gift receive messages and images in their mind’s eye that connect to the spirit:
  • Clairaudience – is when people get their messages from hearing either voices or vibrations that they convey as a message
  • Clairsentience – this is easily related to the term “gut feeling”. It is a feeling, sometimes physical, that help them receive messages or insight of what is going to happen
  • Clairscent – this is using the sense of smell to trigger the vision. If the person trying to communicate was a florist the clairscent may get a strong smell of flowers or roses.
  • Clairtangency – this is where touching or holding a specific object gives the person a message or image
  • Clairgustance – this uses your sense of taste to get images or visions


I believe all humans have intuition and some are open enough to be able to use theirs more predominantly. We can all develop ours more if we so choose. Some of develop it stronger or more quickly than others but we all have it.


If you believe in reincarnation, then you know that your soul has been to earth on several occasions in different physical forms. Some folks believe when you are in soul form you pick the life lessons you will learn and deal with and then you are born into it. We will choose our parents we will be born to in order to help us facilitate the lessons we need to learn. We also belong to soul groups, where you end up with family or friends in this life that you had a relationship with in another life.
No matter what each of believe, we are all connected on some level. The sooner mankind in massive quantities realize this, the more peace will have on our planet and in our hearts.

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